Regretfully, due to circumstances beyond our control,
the following planned screening has been cancelled.

Next screening will be... "Death Note" & "Death Note II: The Last Name"
(live action versions) Double Feature! ... on 30 August, 2015!

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Dragons From Asia presents... Ip Man

Welcome to Melbourne's only regular screening of classic Asian films (especially from China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan)...

For those with expanded minds... or who are willing to expand them!

Dragons From Asia is a social event... Not only do you get to watch great movies, we make sure you have the time and opportunity to talk about them with people who have similar interests!

Next screening

Double Feature: Death Note & Death Note II: The Last Name (Japan, 2006, both Rated M).

Read more on IMDB here and here, or Rotten Tomatoes here and here.

Light Yagami finds the "Death Note" - a notebook which will cause the death of anyone whose name is written in its pages. He proceeds to start ridding the world of its criminals. A genius detective - L - is assigned to find and catch the perpetrator! This is an amazing movie... a thinking person's "thriller/horror" (without the gore), a "battle of wits", and a "detective story" all rolled into one! Based on the Japanese manga of the same name.

Rated 8.0 and 7.4 on IMDB, respectively!

(Japanese, with English subtitles)

This is the first time in 7 years these two movies have been shown together on the big screen in Australia!

You can book your tickets below.

"'Death Note' alone is a wonderful elaborate horror film about power and fate. The direction is dark often sleek, with Tatsuya Fujiwara giving a memorable performance as Light, while Ken'ichi Matsuyama is twisted and entertaining as the sugar fiend, L who watches and waits with sheer patience. I enjoyed this film immensely ... Ultimately power corrupts, and Kaneko's 'Death Note' is an entertaining, creepy, and beautifully written horror film about the power of death placed in the hands of someone with the best of intentions." - Cinema Crazed

Snacks and beverages will be available

When: Sunday, 30 August, 2015, at 4 pm. (Estimated end time for both movies is around 9 pm, which includes time to have dinner plus good conversation!)

Secret entranceWhere: 31 Arden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051 (the Electron Workshop cinema)

Price: $12 (includes both movies, no concessions)

An email will be sent to you confirming your ticket purchase.

Getting there

Tram from the City:

  1. Take the No. 57 tram from any north-bound tram stop on Elizabeth St. in the city. (If you took the train to the city, there are tram stops near Flinders St. railway station and Melbourne Central railway station.)
  2. Get off the tram at Errol St. in North Melbourne.
  3. Walk north along Errol St. a block or two until you reach Arden St.
  4. Turn right on Arden St., and the Electron Workshop will be a few doors down the street.

Driving: There will be plenty of street parking available for free around the corner on Leveson St.

Cycling: There will be facilities to park your bike inside the building.


Location via Google Maps


Please ask us any questions you have. Contact Dragons From Asia

Phone: 0468 853 525 or 0419 550 447


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